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The project Life+ 2010 to 2015

7 new spaces for experiencing nature and the river Mur

Weyern Struktur

Project area

The 1309 hectare Natura 2000 site

"Upper and middle reaches of the river Mur with Puxer floodplain forest, Puxer wall and Gulsen" is forming the geographical area. The Upper Mur is one of the most invaluable river courses in Austria.


The Upper river Mur with its substantially intact habitat conditions allows a natural reproduction to the "King of Fish", the huchen or Danube salmon in Austria's rivers and streams.

Nevertheless, there can be seen effects by river development and intensification of use on the Upper river Mur in the valley area, which threaten the survival of habitats and species. Because of these development trends a reduction in the Danube salmon stocks was observed in the last couple of years.
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Project Aims
The general objective is the restoration, improvement and long-term protection of the nature-orientated wetland forests and river landscape. Here, the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive and water management and protection are being considered, since they are the prerequisite to maintain rare and endangered animal and plant species.
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Landscape Management
Typical structures, such as branches, gravel bars, flat river banks, wetland forests and alluvial forest waters are going to be created or initiated on eight different sections of the river Mur. These are knowingly chosen in the vicinity of already implemented measures to intensify the effects of the overall project.
Accompanying scientific research

To document and guarantee the success of the project measures are scientifically examined in a monitoring program.
Public relations
Public relation is an integral part of the project. Press releases, folder and a project homepage are used to inform the population. In addition, school projects, events and a film production are planned.

01_Murerleben - Linie
Life plus Nature Project
"Inner-Alpine River Basin Management for the Upper Mur"
European RiverPrize 2014

The project "River Mur" won the European River Prize 2014, at the 6th European River Restoration Conference in Vienna on 28.10.2014!

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Realisation of measures

Completion of measure Preg and Mauthof in 2012.

The measure Lässer Au was finished in december 2013, the measure Feistritz in the summer of 2014.

The implementation of the measures Apfelberg, und St. Peter started in summer/autumn 2014.

GerambRose 2010
River widening Weyern awarded with the GerambRose 2010