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"Murerleben" - the LIFE+ Nature Project at the River Upper Mur

st. peter - air photograph

"Murerleben" is the second LIFE-Nature project at the Upper Mur.


In the first LIFE-Nature project "Murerleben" (2003 - 2007) an amount of € 2.2 million has been invested for measures to improve the aquatic habitat of the Mur and for passive flood control (see graphic below). More than 80 % of these investments remained in the region.


For the current "LIFE+" Nature project Murerleben (2010 - 2016) a total amount of € 2.8 million was invested, from which 50 % will be financed by the European Union.

On seven river sections of the river Mur significant steps for a dynamic water development, for conservation of species diversity and for an improvement of the passive flood protection were set in accordance with the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive.

01_Murerleben - Linie

The Movie LIFE+ Project "murerleben I + II"

01_Murerleben - Linie

Layman's-report: Project 2 - Murerleben 2010-2016

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Children's book: Project 2 - Murerleben 2010-2016

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Layman's-report: Project 1 - Murerleben 2003-2007

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01_Murerleben - Linie
Life plus Nature Project
"Inner-Alpine River Basin Management for the Upper Mur"
Fish-Monitoring with students in "St. Peter Au"
On 29.10.2013 a fish ecological monitoring with students of the BRG Judenburg took place in the measure "St. Peter Au" of murerleben I. Click here for the TV Post by murauTV
Realisation of measures

Completion of measure Preg and Mauthof in 2012.

The measure Lässer Au was finished in december 2013, the measure Feistritz in the summer of 2014.

The implementation of the measures Apfelberg, und St. Peter started in summer/autumn 2014.

GerambRose 2010
River widening Weyern awarded with the GerambRose 2010