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Implementation of measures

Measure widening - Apfelberg

The management of the wetlandsbelongs to a measure complex. By this complex, the course of the river in a length of 3.9 km, which is rich in structures has to be obtained (together with the already implemented measures Weyern-wetlands and Lässer-wetlands). The measure wetlands Apfelberg has a size of about. 2.3 ha.

The following measures are to be taken:


o Opening of the bank revetment in a length of about  270 m
o Lowering of the area in the size of about  2,200 m²
o Preparation of  a 310 m long branch
o Initiation of the development of wetlands in a size of about 0.5 ha
o Protection of the stand of the wetlands of about 1.0 ha
o Structuring in a length of about 2000 m

The implementation of this measure was start in autumn/winter 2014 and finished in winter 2015.

Actual pictures of the development you find here.

Lageplan Apfelberg
Life plus Nature Project
"Inner-Alpine River Basin Management for the Upper Mur"
Realisation of measures

Completion of measure Preg and Mauthof in 2012.

The measure Lässer Au was finished in december 2013, the measure Feistritz in the summer of 2014.

The implementation of the measures Apfelberg, und St. Peter started in summer/autumn 2014.

GerambRose 2010
River widening Weyern awarded with the GerambRose 2010